Brief bio

Naya Liviah is an 18-year-old artist from Toronto, Ontario. She personifies the mashup of cultures and styles that make the city a hotbed for emerging artists. Born in Japan, daughter of a Saskatchewan farmgirl-turned-model and a Rwandan diplomat’s son-turned-DJ, Naya’s steeped in musical traditions that stretch around the globe. But her voice is an instrument that’s all her own. Naya sings pop songs that evoke the last hazy days of summer and the final, fleeting moments of adolescence. Her sound is a Technicolor burst of bittersweet. 

Naya has previously self-released a series of country-inflected indie-pop ballads and performed extensively as lead vocalist in the Durham Jazz Ensemble and folk band "StopThisTrain". However her debut collaboration with Toronto producer James Shelly (formerly of the band Nightbox) marks the dawn of a new era. Her new single “Higher” elevates Naya’s storytelling and sonics into the big leagues, with a verse that grabs the listener by the seat of their pants and a chorus that catapults them up into the starry night. With more singles forthcoming, Naya’s in the same position as anyone who presses “play”: cleared for takeoff, and ready to launch.